Papa was a rodeo, mama was a rock-and-roll band (eye_of_a_cat) wrote in dracula1897,
Papa was a rodeo, mama was a rock-and-roll band

Victorian sensation novels, serialised on LJ.

Hello, dracula1897 folks! Thanks once again for joining in with this one. Hopefully, some of you will also be interested in my next project.

serialsensation is a follow-up to dracula1897: Victorian sensation novels, posted in twice-weekly instalments. We're starting with Ellen Wood's 1861 novel East Lynne, a tale of drama, disguises, scandal, shame, implausible plot twists and nail-biting cliffhangers. Please come and join us if you're interested in enjoying these excellent novels in the serialised form in which they were designed to be read. The reading begins on Friday the 20th of March.
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